BREAKING: FN Protests P320 Selection By Immigration & Customs Enforcement

BREAKING: FN Protests P320 Selection By Immigration & Customs Enforcement

BREAKING: FN Protests P320 Selection By Immigration & Customs Enforcement

Full disclosure: This news has been out for some time but no one has reported it. 

It looks like FN America has stepped up to the plate this time to protest Immigration & Customs Enforcement’s selection of the Sig P320 as their new duty sidearm. Previously, Nathaniel F. reported on the selection of the P320 and how that will go a long way to boost the credibility of the brand, you can read his post here. Does the second protest for a large contract won by Sig have implications of a design flaw or is this business as usual?

FN has lodged two seperate protests for the same contract, read the first one HERE and the second on HERE.

There have been rumors of a couple of failures with the P320 specifficly failing the drop test as well as loaded magazines disasembling themselves when dropped. Below is the FBI drop test specs that the P320 has been rumored to have failed.


A) Three pistols from each class will be selected for this test.
i) Each of the pistols will be cleaned & lubricated per the Offeror’s recommended

b) Each pistol will be loaded with a primed cartridge case in the chamber and a magazine
filled to capacity with service cartridges (54227).

c) The pistol will then be dropped from a height of 48” onto smooth concrete in the
following manner:
i) Muzzle down
ii) Muzzle up
iii) Sights down
iv) Magazine down
v) Right side down
vi) Left side down

There is no indication of what pistol FN America entered into the competition, but it has been rumored that their MHS submission was the FN 5.7 pistol. I am not sold on this, but there is no solid information out there to indicate otherwise.

With the new protest on the heals of Glock’s protest of the MHS contract being awarded to the P320 it starts to raise some questions. Either way we will update you as we learn more about both protests.


via The Firearm Blog

April 13, 2017 at 09:27AM


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