The New FN 509: Not The MHS Gun, But Close

The New FN 509: Not The MHS Gun, But Close

The New FN 509: Not The MHS Gun, But Close

FN America is letting us finally tell you about their brand new striker fired pistol. Well, I say brand new, but the reality is this design has been developed for some time now. If you look closely at the internals, you see that the handgun is unmistakeably a very refined FNS. Not a bad thing, the FNS has flown under the radar for far too long.

First thing is first. This is NOT the gun FN entered into the MHS program, it is merely an evolution of that design.

The new handgun features a 4″ barrel housed in a compact slide and a full-length grip that accommodates a full size 17 round magazine. FN also reprofiled the FNS slide and added some of the best slide serrations on a commercially available pistol. The other tweaks to the FNS design aren’t as apparent, but rest assured that engineers went through the pistol with a fine tooth comb to make it the best gun they possibly could.

Think of the new FN 509 as the FNS perfected. Sure it isn’t groundbreaking but is is very very good. Expect a video on the FN 509 later today on TFB TV. Until then, the FN promo materials are posted below.

Check out FN America for more information on the new FN 509.


via The Firearm Blog

April 16, 2017 at 09:23PM


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