Aselsan Van Kedisi Dual Thermal/IR Sight

Aselsan Van Kedisi Dual Thermal/IR Sight

Aselsan Van Kedisi Dual Thermal/IR Sight

Turkish defense technological company Aselsan will demonstrate a product originally introduced in January of this year (not covered on TFB yet) at IDEF 2017 in Turkey (late May). The Van Kedisi dual thermal/IR sight is similar in size to products that FLIR usually puts out. What is interesting about this optic is that it has that duality of both thermal heat imaging and infared capabilities by utilizing two objective lenses and a single ocular lens. There appear to be two versions, a handheld variant, and a dedicated picatinny mounted version. As of yet it looks like Aselsan hasn’t received a contract for it but certainly will be pushing for one. A division of the company that produces scopes in Kazakhstan was previously released and was adopted by the Turkish Armed Forces in the Python. It might have been mentioned in the Turkish accounts of the sight but I can’t fully translate it, that the sight might be made in Kazakhstan as well. If this is the case then that could drive the price of the sight down, much more than if it had been made in Turkey. It looks like it also has a connection port to it that can be connected to a heads up display or this might just be a data download link.

This is from a product page Google translated into English-

Usage areas • Situational Awareness • Night Discovery and Surveillance • Patrol Tasks • Night Search and Recovery Featured Features • Fusion (Thermal and Night View) • Sharp Background • High Detection / Diagnosis / Recognition Distance • Wide Viewing Angle General features • Thermal and Night Vision • Easy Target Detection • Image Mode Options • Dioptry Setting

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April 20, 2017 at 08:11PM


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