Strike Industries Cold Hammer Forged Barrels Now Available

Strike Industries Cold Hammer Forged Barrels Now Available

Strike Industries Cold Hammer Forged Barrels Now Available

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Strike Barrel

Strike Industries announced it now has available for sale a pair of cold hammer forged barrels. Both barrels have a .223 Wylde chamber and a 1:8″ twist to handle a wide range of .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO ammunition. One barrel is 10.3″ in length while the second is 16″ long. Both are threaded (1/2″x28).

According to the company these new “Strike Fighter” barrels are based on the Mk18 barrel but with updates for improved performance and durability. One example of the improvements given by the company is the use of gradual transitions in the barrel contour. According to Strike Industries, this provides an increase in strength and shot to shot consistency while keeping the weight below that of a government profile barrel of equal length.

Strike Industries Barrel

Barrels are made of 416 RS steel with cryogenic treatment and QPQ nitriding. According to the company, this provides a barrel life that exceeds that of “…typical stainless barrels currently commercially available.” Barrels also have a 11˚ target crown.

Other features include:

  • M4 style feedramps
  • 0.0.73″ gas port
  • a carbine length gas system
  • magnetic particle inspected

The shorter of the two barrels has a suggested retail price of $239. The longer barrel has the same MSRP. Both barrels are in stock and ready for sale according to the company’s website.


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April 21, 2017 at 09:20AM


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