1st Arrow Cold Bow Challenge, sponsored by Black Ovis

1st Arrow Cold Bow Challenge, sponsored by Black Ovis


Hey all, since this blog is about making you a better buck hunter, I wanted to give you an opportunity to test your accuracy limits with a bow (and have a chance at a cool Benji to spend in the Black Ovis store).

As I’ve written many times, if you want to maximize your chance at killing big mule deer, you need to become a proficient archer.  Early archery seasons offer some prime opportunities for taking the best buck of you life.  However, the casual just-sighted-my-new-bow-last-week archer isn’t likely going to pull off  the rare shot at a big buck.  You have to be proficient with your weapon, be able to shoot under pressure, know your shooting limits, and strive to stalk within them before launching an arrow.


With this in mind, I paired up with long-time Rokslide sponsor, Black Ovis, for our 1st Arrow Cold Bow 7-day Challenge.  Details are at the link to our archery forum below.

You can shoot with me and other Rokslide members any time between now and June 30th to be entered into the drawing for $100 Black Ovis gift certificate.  Even if you don’t win, you’ll become a better archer and be prepared for that shot of a lifetime that may come along sooner than you think.

Hope to see you in the challenge!

Rokslide 1st Arrow Cold Bow 7-Day Challenge

See how I prepare my weapons in my book Hunting Big Mule Deer



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May 15, 2017 at 12:27PM


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