The Firearms of 2017 Moscow Victory Day Parade

The Firearms of 2017 Moscow Victory Day Parade

The Firearms of 2017 Moscow Victory Day Parade

The Victory Day Parade is a military parade annually held in Red Square of Moscow in celebration of victory in the Second World War. The parade takes place on 9th of May, which is the day when Nazi Germany signed the instrument of surrender in 1945. Let’s take a look what firearms were spotted during the parade.

As in many other occasions, SKS rifles are seen in ceremonial use. You can see in the images below SKS rifles with light tan color stocks and red flags attached to the bayonets.

The most interesting guns were in the hands of paratroopers which you can see in the following four images.

SVDS rifles. This version of SVD rifle features a folding stock, shorter but thicker profile barrel and a different muzzle device.

AS VAL integrally suppressed rifles chambered in 9x39mm.

AK-74M rifles with under-barrel grenade launchers and what look to be Valdai red dot sights.

These rifles are most likely the later versions of AK-12, which are basically highly modified AK-74 rifles.

The mechanized infantry units were marching with AKMS rifles. You can see the underfolder stocks and PBS suppressors attached.

The rest of the parade participants were carrying AK-74M rifles. Despite all kinds of developed “future weapons”, the AK-74 still remains the main weapon of Russian armed forces. None of the recently developed firearms offers anything significantly superior and/or cost effective compared to AK-74 to replace it in full scale.

Last but not least, ORSIS T-5000 rifles were spotted not in the parade itself but providing the security of the event.


via The Firearm Blog

May 14, 2017 at 10:00PM


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