Four LED Lantern Features To Consider

Four LED Lantern Features To Consider

In a previous article we talked about phasing out kerosene lamps.  If kerosene is phased out or phased back, what are they replaced with?  Since I am following my own advice on kerosene and replacing the lamps with led lights, I would like to share what features I look for.

USB Rechargeable

The lantern has to be USB rechargeable.  Why USB rechargeable?  So they can be charged with a solar panel or a USB battery pack.

Rather than having to charge AAA,AA,C or D batteries and then put the batteries in the lantern, the lantern has its own built in battery pack.  The internal battery pack is sometimes large enough to charge a cell phone.

I have two LED lanterns on the way.  Each of them has a 5200mAh internal battery pack.

Adjustable Brightness

The lantern should be bright enough to read and play games with, and dim enough to light a room for people who wake up during the night.  Also, the dimmer the light the longer the battery life.  I would rather a light with 20 lumens last all night than 100 lumens that last just a few hours.

Why would I want a lantern that goes to just a few lumens?  So the lantern can be placed in the bathroom during a power outage.  People wake up in the middle of the night and should not be blinded when they go to the bathroom.

Solar Panel

Having a built in solar panel is nice, but usually those panels are so small they give the light just a little bit of a charge.

However, during a power outage anything that can tap into the sun for power is nice.

Inexpensive Lantern

The lanterns I am looking at cost around $25, but there are some that cost a lot more.

The goal is to find a happy medium between cost and reliability.  Something that is reliable, has good battery life but cheap enough to stockpile a few extra for friends and family.

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