Check Out These Monster Northern Pike (Video)

Check Out These Monster Northern Pike (Video)

Northern pike, one of the greatest and most-popular gamefish in the world, can be quite a handful even for anglers with the tackle and gear necessary to fight the toothy beasts.

They’re a challenge to catch, they fight hard, and, sometimes, they provide to be the catch of a lifetime.

And now is a great time to go get you some.

With the help of our fellow Outdoors Sportsman Group family members In-FishermanSportsman Channel and the World Fishing Network, we dug up some YouTube videos with expert tips and tactics advice on northern pike fishing.

Here are 6 videos that might help you catch a wall mount on your next trip.


Teaming up on Northerns


Jun 4, 2013 Father-son team pursue giant pike.

Suspending Baits for Pike


Posted on June 26, 2012

Flat Rap Pike


(July 22, 2010) In-Fisherman heads to Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan to fish with Rob Schulz for world-class pike using the Rapala Flat Rap.

Pike on the Fly

WFN: World Fishing Network
(Feb 18, 2014) Bill Spicer goes after early season Northern Pike at Kaby Kabins in Algoma Country.

‘Fish of the Year’

Sportsman Channel

(Jan 24, 2012) 40-plus inch northern pike caught on camera.

Monster Northern Pike Fishing

Sportsman Channel
(Sep 6, 2013) Host Conway Bowman fly fishes Lake Wollaston in Saskatoon, SK, Canada for monster northern pike!

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