Jerry Miculek Examines the Pump Action AK (KSZ-223) in Russia

Jerry Miculek Examines the Pump Action AK (KSZ-223) in Russia

Jerry Miculek Examines the Pump Action AK (KSZ-223) in Russia

Jerry Miculek, the legend of rapid firing, is in Russia taking part in the practical shooting Rifle World Championship. In the video released by Kalashnikov Concern, Jerry tries the new pump action AK (KSZ-223) and looks like he likes the gun.

There is also some footage of Jerry shooting his AR-15 rifle which is in a very interesting configuration. The gun has a bipod with its fairly long legs extended. This setup may look awkward at least to someone like me with no competition shooting experience. However, it is possibly handy when you have to quickly transition to the kneeling position. Let’s watch that video:


The facility Mr. Miculek talks about is the newly built “Kalashnikov” shooting club. That club is in its turn situated in the Russian “Patriot Park” in Kubinka (a town located about 45 miles to the southwest of Moscow). You can read about the Patriot Park by clicking here.

Earlier Kalashnikov Concern also released a short video showing the opening ceremony of the championship, where Jerry Miculek was seen with the US team.


I wonder how would it look like if Jerry Miculek tried to rapid fire the KSZ-223? I think it would be like an average shooter rapid firing a semi-auto rifle.

Hrachya H

I was born and currently live in Armenia, where I work in a family business of leather goods manufacturing. Being a retired sergeant of my country’s armed forces and a lifelong firearms enthusiast, I always enjoy studying firearms design, technology and history. Also my knowledge of Russian allows me to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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June 13, 2017 at 06:01AM


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