Tactical Jeans from Oxcart

Tactical Jeans from Oxcart


Tactical Jeans from Oxcart

If there is any complaint about the tactical clothing I could genuinely offer prior to this article, it was that there was a definitive lack of every-day low-vis pants. While other companies have a veritable bevvy of options for covering one’s legs, they are always a canvas or rip-stop type pant, where most of us working blue-collar would rather have a good set of denim jeans. Jeans just blend in more to our surroundings and can take grease and oil stains better than khaki or dyed pants.

A newcomer to the industry OxCart has released their latest set of jeans focusing on the EDC and tactical community. The jeans include the same standard 5 pockets, but include four “special access” pockets and slashed back yoke magazine pockets for EDC gear and tactical/practical use.

The jeans include the usual assortment of high-end components including YKK donut button, YKK zippers, and YKK burrs and rivets. The jeans are offered in three types – the V2, a standard jean, the V2CS “Wolf” a grey version of the V2, and the V2DX, a pre-distressed look and tapered leg option.

Unfortunately, Oxcart currently offers only 34.5″ inseams, so shorter guys or stocky-legged fellows like myself are either out of luck or will have to purchase knowing alteration will be needed. Retail pricing is set around $140 – $165 depending on the options selected.



via The Firearm Blog http://ift.tt/ywCWoj

June 14, 2017 at 10:09AM


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