FN SCAR Owners Group Shoot

FN SCAR Owners Group Shoot


Last Saturday marked the very first FN SCAR Owners Group Shoot. The FN SCAR Owners Group is a Facebook Group of SCAR owners. This event was organized by Lester Gillis and hosted at Low Country Preserve in Tabor City, NC.

Plus it was sponsored by FN America.

The event actually started last Friday. FN America opened their factory to attendees and gave them a factory tour. I had already been on a factory tour just last year. Click here to read the article on the tour and here for the article about their machine guns.

I was truly impressed and amazed at FN America’s level of commitment to this event. They pulled out all the stops. They brought along their latest FN 509 and even had a raffle and gave one away to one of the attendees.

Even though I have seen many of the FN employees on a number of range shoots, this is the first time I have seen them bring out the fun stuff. And by “fun stuff” I mean full auto machine guns for us to play with.

  1. M249 Full Auto
  2. MK16
  3. MK17
  4. P90


Gene shooting the MK17 with Mike watching his back

I have shot a converted SCAR17S SBR converted to full auto before, but it was a very cool moment getting to shoot a real MK17.

The MK17 could have benefited from a muzzle brake. It climbs too much and is challenging to control. Just to compare I shot the MK16. I love muzzle brakes, it has a SureFire Warcomp.



The coolest gun, for me, was the SCAR PDW. I have seen it on display at SHOT Show in the past but have never seen it at a Range Day before.

Jay Recto of FN was kind enough to share with me how the Non Reciprocating charging handle works in the PDW.



Here is a video by Daniel Alo, one of the attendees.


Here is Daniel shooting his SCAR suppressed for the first time. The Surefire SOCOM 762 RC2 was provided by Silencershop

Here are some photos by some of the attendees.

FN America took some photos and posted them up.

We had a big group photo taken of all our SCARS. The SCAR closest to the photographer is a first edition #186 SCAR17S


The Otto Arms MK20 is a custom extrusion by Aaron Ottosen.

He will be making 80% receivers for people who want to make their own MK20 style rifles.

Along with Otto Arms, PMM (Parker Mountain Machine) was there along with his collection of full auto converted guns and post samples.

The group shoot ended with some shooting of binary explosive from USA Chemical Supply.



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June 15, 2017 at 10:09AM


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