Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Catfish Baits

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Catfish Baits

Catfish baits usually include just about anything stinky — from angler concoctions to store-bought varieties — but your catch success will improve by paying attention to other possibilities. Check out this example from Oklahoma on persimmons.

By Bob Bledsoe

Don’t be afraid to experiment with catfish baits.

I’ve seen cats caught on fruits, a variety of meats, and dairy products.

catfish baits

Pay attention to what catfish are eating to improve your catching success.

A friend and I were once catfishing at Lake Eufaula and having a slow time of it. We were anchored in a cove where several persimmon trees stood in the water. We noticed fish of some kind swirling beneath one of those persimmon trees.

We killed one of the small channel cats we had caught on a minnow. We found that its belly was bulging with persimmon pulp.

That was all we needed to know.

We moved beneath the persimmon trees, plucked a few ripe fruits and put them on treble hooks. We then spent the rest of the afternoon catching a limit of catfish on persimmons!

That just goes to show that sometimes the key to a full stringer can be almost anything the fish want to eat. That includes even a food source you would not necessarily associate with catfish.

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