New TUBB Non-Symmetrical Bipod

New TUBB Non-Symmetrical Bipod

New TUBB Non-Symmetrical Bipod

David Tubb has released a video announcing the availability of a new bipod which he calls non-symmetrical bipod. The reason why it is called so is the different way of leg spread adjustment which is done by rotating the legs independently from each other resulting in an unusual asymmetrical appearance. It was introduced during the SHOT Show 2017 along with their Dynamic Target Rifle and now it is available for purchase.

Tilting the legs in opposite directions should give you more options to adjust the weapon’s position in any particular terrain. That feature also makes it possible to have an incredibly wide leg spread. The TUBB bipod also allows a wide angle of cant adjustment in either direction. Another feature is that this bipod can be rotated 360 degrees around its axis. The tension of cant and rotation is also possible to adjust depending on the operator’s preferences. The bipod attaches to the rifle via Picatinny rails using some sort of a quick attachment method which allows to detach it as easy as a press of a button and snap it back in place even easier and quicker.

To learn more about this bipod, watch the video below.


The TUBB bipod is available through David Tubb’s company at an MSRP of $385.

While for many of us the advantages this product offers are probably not that critical to pay the price, it should be a great value for long range shooters and hunters.

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June 16, 2017 at 10:09AM


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