Olympic Shooting Events Shake-Up for 2020

Olympic Shooting Events Shake-Up for 2020


Olympic Shooting Events Shake-Up for 2020

In “A move towards gender balance” the International Olympic Committee has released the full program changes for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. 15 new events are planned including events in swimming, archery, table tennis, triathlon, and more. Specifically, the IOC is looking to get to near 50% male to female athlete ratio.

As part of these changes, the shooting sports are going to see a reduction in their participation. Specifically, 30 less total athletes will be accepted into the shooting sports along with changes to events and new ones meant to increase female participation in the events.

Shooting sports were selected as one of four International Federations to move to gender-balanced events along with rowing, weightlifting, and canoeing. Men’s events slated for cancellation include double trap, 50m rifle prone, and 50m pistol events. In their stead will include trap mixed gender teams, air rifle mixed gender teams and air pistol mixed gender teams.

Don’t worry, six-time consecutive Olympic Medalist Kim Rhodes will not see any changes. She will be easily able to blaze a seventh separate Olympic city medal. No changes were announced for women’s shotgun sports. She may even be able to drag a US male onto the podium in the mixed trap gender teams!

The full 2020 Olympic Program and be found at the Olympic’s website here. 


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June 20, 2017 at 06:00AM


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