Watch: Hickok45 with a Remington RP9

Watch: Hickok45 with a Remington RP9

It is always a pleasure to watch hickok45. In this video he takes a Remington RP9 out to the range.  The RP9 is a new handgun from Remington.  Various YouTube channels and websites have been doing reviews of the handgun.

RP9 Specifications

From the Remington website:

  • Barrel length, 4.5″
  • Twist Rate 1:10”
  • Overall Length 7.91”
  • Overall Height 5.56”
  • Weight Oz, 26.4
  • Trigger Pull Lbs 5.5-7
  • PVD-finished stainless steel match-grade Barrel
  • Slide Finish, PVD
  • Frame Material, Polymer

Now for the video.

From the video, why does the RP9 have such a wide slide?  Hickok45 also makes a comment about the slide being heavy. Weight keeps recoil down, but there has to be a line where something becomes cumbersome.  We would not want a handgun weighing as much as a cinder block just to keep recoil down.

On a personal note, from comments about the weight, trigger pull and various videos by other people complaining about the RP9 reliability, it has been placed on my “do not buy” list.  For example, TheFirearmGuy talks about how the slide of his RP9 will not come off the frame.

Does it seem that since Freedom Group bought Remington, that Remington quality has slipped?

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June 28, 2017 at 11:27AM


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