The new IWI Tavor 7 in .308 Win – The official details

The new IWI Tavor 7 in .308 Win – The official details

The new IWI Tavor 7 in .308 Win – The official details

The teaser image of the new Tavor 7 that IWI US posted on Facebook had a lot of response and raised more than a few questions.

IWI USA have now officially posted the specifications of the 7,62 NATO / .308 Win Tavor 7.

I’m guessing the name Tavor 7 comes from the “7” in 7,62.

Unfortunately my own Tavor (5,56) mostly sees the inside of my very dark safe, but I actually took it to the shooting range yesterday to show and educate some people about the bullpup design. Good timing, as IWI released their new rifle.


TAVOR 7 Specifications:
• Caliber: 7.62 NATO/.308 Win
• Barrel: CHF/CL 1:12 twist with a 16″ barrel; 1:10 with 18″ barrel
• OAL: 26.75″ with 16″ barrel (without flash suppressor)
• Weight: 8.6 Lbs.
• Optional calibers & Conversion Kits: TBD
• Colors: Black, FDE and OD Green

Features (muzzle to butt):
• Muzzle threads: 5/8 x 24
• 4 position variable gas regulator (including off)
• Upper forend: 2 MLOK slots at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock
• Lower forend: Removable SAR styled forend cover that exposes one integral pic rail at    6  o’clock when removed.
• Charging handle lockable in open position, similar to an MP5.
• Full length one piece Picatinny (Mil-Spec) top rail with integral folding BUIS; Tritium front post.
• Cutlass style grip modifiable to pistol grip with traditional trigger guard; same as X95.
• Short stroke gas piston (unlike our long stroke SAR and X95).
• Uses LR/SR25 magazines and comes with one 20-round Magpul PMAG with window (in states without capacity restrictions; 10 round for restricted states).
• Bolt release is Tavor SAR style along centerline or release from MP5 style charging handle
• Fire control group is not interchangeable with SAR or X95.

Ambidextrous Features:
• Ambidextrous bolt; no opposite hand bolt needed for conversion to opposite hand operation. No need to return the gun to IWI US for opposite hand conversion and head space checking.
• Ambidextrous (all the time) magazine release position like our X95, similar to an AR-15.
• Ambidextrous charging handle with push through receiver functionality. No need for tools or any disassembly.
• Ambidextrous (all the time) safety selector with a 45 degree rotation (unlike 90 degrees on our SAR and X95).
• Ambidextrous (all the time) bolt release behind magazine; similar to the Tavor SAR.
• Ejection port covers are user configurable in the field with a simple slide of the case deflector.

The first shipments are projected to start in January 2018.

The price is yet to be decided.

People looking to shoot a 30 caliber round can also look at the 300 Blackout conversion kits for the Tavor SAR. The first components for 200 x .300 Blackout conversion kits will start shipping very soon in the US.

I don’t know if the picture is of a prototype or if the Tavor 7 will look just like pictured.

I notice it doesn’t have the same large padding as my Tavor. The padding would most likely do more good on the 308 than on the 556.

A friend of mine has a Kel-Tec RFB with a huge JP recoil eliminator. With the Tavor 7 you won’t get away from the fact that the tip of the 308 barrel is very close to your face, but I’m sure it’s a better choice than the Kel-Tec. And I wonder what the trigger will be like on the Tavor 7, my money is on ‘very hard’.


via The Firearm Blog

July 3, 2017 at 08:00AM


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