The 4:th of July Raptor and Talon combination

The 4:th of July Raptor and Talon combination

The 4:th of July Raptor and Talon combination

I like the Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle from Radian Weapons, and run it on a few of my ARs.

There is now a chance to get a special edition, limited to only 100 pieces.


In the spirit of the holiday, we are pleased to announce the limited edition 4th of July Raptor + Talon combo set. Featuring blue and red Mil Spec Type 3 anodized handles with an NP3 plated shaft, the custom laser marked 4th of July Raptor for AR15/M16 comes with a matching set of blue and red anodized long/short Talon safety selectors.


July 4, 2017” – Laser marked.

Easy: Blue – left. Red – right. (For those who get left and right wrong from time to time, this upgrade could be really helpful too.)

Below: The charging handle extended.

I haven’t tried the Talon ambidextrous safety, but by the looks of it it should do the job. It can be installed as either a standard 90° or as a 45° short throw by simply rotating the shaft 180° inside the lower receiver. Clever design.

I just discovered the 24 Carat Gold Dictator version. Unfortunately it is sold out. I actually would have liked to own one.

Hurry, the 4:th of July combo may not last very long if you want one.

Find out more here.


via The Firearm Blog

July 4, 2017 at 05:00AM


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