Everything You Need for a High-Tech Barbecue

Everything You Need for a High-Tech Barbecue


Used to be grilling was a dark art. The coals had to be just so, the sauce made from a recipe handed down through the generations. It made for good eats, but it was time-consuming and, frankly, a little intimidating. Like most everything else, however, tech is making it easier. “Nowadays,” says Max Good, owner of Black Swan, which produces a line of premium sauces, “you can throw some meat on the grill and check the temp with your phone.” Indeed, a host of new devices—not to mention Bluetooth everything—allow you to orchestrate an entire Fourth of July cookout from your deck chair: set the lighting, mix the tunes, light up a cozy firepit, even operate the ’cue. Here’s a look at what’s outfitting this summer’s high-tech patio parties.

Coolest Cooler ($450)

(Courtesy of Coolest)

A 55-quart, battery-powered behemoth with a wireless speaker, a USB charger, internal lighting, a bottle opener, a cutting board, and—no joke—a full-size blender? Damn right. Because Lord knows you’re not going back inside for any of those things.

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Celluon PicoBit Projector ($429)


Screen movies on any surface. The five-inch HD PicoBit syncs with your phone and has enough battery power to accommodate indulgent summer CGI fests.

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BioLite SiteLight Mini String Lights ($20) 


You want enough illumination to see without achieving a floodlight effect. For the perfect balance, daisy-chain several ten-foot Site-Lights together and control the intensity from your phone.

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Bose SoundLink Revolve Speaker ($200) 


Bose’s latest Bluetooth box radiates your tunes 360 degrees. It’s also a good listener: a built-in mic lets you talk to Siri and other voice-activated software on your phone.

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GrowlerWerks UKeg 128 ($257)


This bit of steampunk ingenuity is a handheld version of the commercial keg at your favorite bar. Vacuum sealed and pressurized, the 128-ounce copper UKeg keeps your IPA carbonated and fresh for weeks.

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Primus Kamoto OpenFire Pit ($164) 


This 21-inch-tall steel grate folds flat and lets you set up a campfire anywhere. Wind guards and air vents make getting the fire roaring quick and easy.

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Lynx SmartGrill Barbecue ($10,359)


The Tesla of barbecues. With enough real estate to satiate a block party and an honest-to-God rotisserie, this propane-fueled wonder can be run from your smartphone or via voice commands.

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via Outside Magazine http://ift.tt/2hKcY6v

July 5, 2017 at 05:09PM


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