Graphic Video: Surveillance Camera Captures Gun Fight Between Neighbors

Graphic Video: Surveillance Camera Captures Gun Fight Between Neighbors

It’s not uncommon to have riffs with your neighbor every so often, but these two clearly have some pretty bad blood between them.

59-year-old Jeff Weigle and 49-year-old Dean Keller of Johnson County, Indiana, have had issues with each other dating all the way back to 2009, WISHTV reports.

But this riff was taken to new heights after video shows Weigle pull a gun on Keller while riding his lawnmower.

Warning: the video below is very graphic

The Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office has determined that Keller, who is an active Indianapolis firefighter, was acting in self-defense and he will not be charged. Weigle on the other hand, could face charges “if and when he recovers,” according to JCPO.

It appears the fight started over an issue with the fence – however, like we said, these two have had issues for some time before this single incident. You can hear Weigle approach Keller’s fence and say, “hey, a******,” along with “I see you go the s*** out.” Keller had been working in his yard with his wife at the time.

Weigle fusses with the fence for a second and then pulls away on his lawnmower. He then backs up as Keller approaches the fence and pulls out a gun. At that point, Keller then pulled out his gun and shot Weigle four times in the chest. Weigle also returned fire from behind his lawnmower.

WISHTV also reports the gun Weigle had was not his, and it’s believed he took it from the woman he rents a room from without her permission.

When investigators arrived on the scene, Weigle was found on the kitchen floor.


via OutdoorHub

July 5, 2017 at 05:24PM


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