Aggressive water snake steals angler’s catch

Aggressive water snake steals angler’s catch

An Iowa fisherman thought his fishing outing would be pretty typical. But Bob Howard, 54, was so startled when a “huge” water snake latched on to his line that he almost dropped his fishing rod.

Howard, of Boone, Iowa, was fishing Rathbun Lake in southern Iowa. He said the snake had come up from the water a few times before its surprise attack.

“It came up and I hit it on the top of the head with my rod to get it to go away,” Howard said. “He went under the water then he came up closer to me.

“He just kept annoying me.”

What the snake was doing though, Howard said, was following his fishing bobber. The snake got close enough to where Howard’s fishing stringer was located.Then a fish went for Howard’s bait and his bobber sank into the water. He reeled in his catch.

“The snake just came out of nowhere and snatched it,” Howard said.

Howard and the snake had a brief tug of war for the fish. The snake eventually won the battle, Howard said.

Fortunately, Howard had a camera handy and took pictures during the clash.

“He was just real aggressive,” Howard said of the snake. “He knows that bobber is going to bring in food.”

Karen Kinkead of the Iowa DNR said the snake appears to be a northern water snake.

“They are not venomous, but they may be a little more likely to bite if you try to handle one. They will eat about any animal small enough to swallow that they can catch.”

The northern water snake, which ranges in length from 24 to 42 inches, is one of the state’s most commonly seen snakes and can be found in nearly every waterway and are usually seen while fishing.

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