What’s new in July?

What’s new in July?


It’s been pretty quiet over here these last few weeks! Like every year, while we dream of drinking mojitos on the beach, the Deer&Doe team is busy non-stop with preparing the new collection.

And this year, we have even more work than usual… Between some construction work in our studio that has been slowing us down over the last few weeks (I’m being thrown back to the beginning of Deer&Doe with a desk crammed up in a corner of my living room 😉 ) and us trying to get a head start on various projects to prepare for my maternity leave, it feels like we’re running a marathon!


Still, we are close to finalizing the patterns that you’ll discover at the end of august: on the menu, the eagerly awaited new edition of the Bleuet dress, modernized for the occasion, two new patterns, and a little surprise 🙂 . We have put a lot of work into this new collection and we hope you’ll like the result!


We hope you are having a great summer, and we’ll be back soon for more sewing inspiration!


via Deer&Doe • the blog http://ift.tt/2f41A0k

July 14, 2017 at 04:09AM


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