Going Gear Visits the OLIGHT Factory in China

Going Gear Visits the OLIGHT Factory in China


Going Gear Visits the OLIGHT Factory in China

Olight, the Chinese manufacturer of flashlights, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. They’ve invited Marshall of Going Gear to visit their facility in China and see how their flashlights are made – from prototyping and testing to the actual manufacturing. You can find the factory tour video below.


Earlier, Going Gear also released videos showing some Olight prototypes…


and the Olight testing facility…


and their office.


What I think is good about Olight is that they design, test and make their own products and market under their own brand. So you have an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) there.

The more common practice with many Chinese brands is that there is an OEM facility with all the manufacturing capabilities to make the product and there are different brands which simply outsource the entire manufacturing process to that big company. If ordered in sufficient quantities, these big manufacturers will be happy to put any logo you want on the product. In other words, all you need to start a new company is to develop a logo and ask the large manufacturer to put it on the batch of products you are going to purchase. That’s why products of many Chinese-made brands look virtually identical if the logo is ignored.

As you’ve learned from the videos, in the case of Olight, it is a different story. They design and manufacture their flashlights themselves.


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July 17, 2017 at 02:00PM


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