Police Recover 103 Fishing Rods and 56 Tackle Boxes from July 4 Theft

Police Recover 103 Fishing Rods and 56 Tackle Boxes from July 4 Theft


Reports filed by the Kanabec and Mille Lacs County (Minnesota) attorney’s offices say two truckloads of fishing gear were seized from a camper at the Snake River Campground over Fourth of July weekend, and two suspects are now in custody facing multiple theft charges.

According to Kanabec County Times, the two suspects were detained after an Isle, Minneosta, police officer recognized a vehicle that matched the description of one used in a theft at Father Hennepin that same day. After pulling the car over, the officer noticed several fishing rods and tackle boxes stashed in the bed of the pickup.

The driver, Matthias David Munson, 28, was questioned about the fishing rods and was unable to accurately list the brand names of the rods in his possession, which to any angler immediately raises a red flag.

Police also questioned the passenger of the vehicle, Natasha Marie Rickard, 26, and she apparently already assumed the rods and reels were stolen. From what the reports are saying, Rickard also tipped off police that Munson had a lot of other fishing gear hidden in his camper at the Snake River Campground.

Following their lead, Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office, Isle Police Department, Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office and Kanabec County Sheriff’s Office all searched the camper, and they ended up recovering 103 fishing rods and reels, 56 tackle boxes (you do the math on how many lures may have been in all those tackle boxes) and 5 fish finders.

Munson and Rickard each face several felony theft charges from both Kanebec County and Mille Lacs County.

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July 17, 2017 at 11:17AM


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