The 5 Fitness Websites Worth Your Time, Approved by the Pros

The 5 Fitness Websites Worth Your Time, Approved by the Pros

Bookmark these five sites—loved by endurance icons for motivational quotes and practical advice alike—to give your daily internet search a much-needed reboot.

Gravel Cyclist

“It’s basically one of the main reasons I got into gravel racing. It has a pretty comprehensive calendar of just about every gravel and endurance race going on in the United States, so it’s easy to find something happening nearby. There’s also a wealth of information regarding training, gear, nutrition, and anything else cyclists like to geek out over.”

Nico Deportago-Cabrera, fixed-gear cyclist and Chicago bike messenger


“I don’t use websites much when searching for the latest gear or training tips, but I do check out It runs useful and thought-provoking articles about training and gear—without resorting to a clickbait style. Its Twitter feed also has the best live race coverage out there.”

Ian Sharman, pro ultrarunner (three-time Leadville Trail 100 winner), Sharman Ultra head coach, and director of U.S. Skyrunning

NYT Cooking

“This is my current go-to. I love to cook, so I’m constantly looking for inspiration through the website’s recipes, and I receive weekly emails with ideas for new healthy meals to cook.”

Lea Davison, cross-country mountain biker


“I check it every day. It’s an old-fashioned ’90s website that is easy to check out quickly and features a ‘quote of the day.’ The quote is typically from a pro athlete or something inspirational from someone who was in a big race over the weekend. Sometimes the quote’s just funny or weird, but I always love checking it out for some food for thought.”

Jim Walmsley, pro ultrarunner and 2016 Ultrarunner of the Year


“In addition to my site, Strength Running, my go-to training site is FloTrack. Its workout videos featuring pro runners are inspiring—especially when the session doesn’t go very well—the race footage and commentary is world class, and the quality of the content is unmatched. For true running geeks, it doesn’t get much better.”

Jason Fitzgerald, 2:39 marathoner and the founding coach of Strength Running

Lava Magazine

“For in-depth articles, profiles, and more Ironman-specific content that caters more to the committed triathlete, I recommend Lava Magazine’s website. They also have excellent podcast interviews.”

Mirinda Carfrae, three-time Ironman world champion


via Outside Magazine

July 17, 2017 at 05:55PM


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