Stageberner: Competitive Shotgun Speedloader meant to Torch your Reload Times

Stageberner: Competitive Shotgun Speedloader meant to Torch your Reload Times

Stageberner: Competitive Shotgun Speedloader meant to Torch your Reload Times


When it comes to 3-Gun competitions and competitive shotgun shooting most all competitors are accurate. What can make or break someone’s score is their ability and speed in reloading. A company called Stageberner has come out with a product to speed up everyone’s reload times 2 shells at a time.

The way the product works is you install a piece on the trigger guard of your shotgun that holds 2 shotgun shells in the ready position to be easily stroked into your magazine tube.

A demo of the product can be seen below in this YouTube video from Keith Garcia.


The MSRP of the Stageberner is currently set at $59.95 with it being available for a handful of shotgun models at the moment. Right now 4 different shotgun models are available with 2 more slated for availability within the month.

  • Beneli M2 (Available)
  • Beretta 1301 (August 5th)
  • Stoeger models (August 5th)
  • Mossberg JM Pro (August 5th)
  • FNH models (expected soon; in August)
  • Remington Versamax (expected soon; in August)

Keith Garcia does a great job of explaining how to use the Stageberner, but here is a deeper explanation from the company elaborating as to how you can install it.

You can choose to mount your StageBerner using only the included 2 sided adhesion or with the added security of a mounting screw. If you choose to mount using a mounting screw, trigger guards that are metal will be required to be drilled and tapped. We suggest having a gunsmith do this for you. However, If you want to do this yourself, we offer a bit, tap and tap wrench at a great price point when you are ordering your StageBerner, in a drop down menu, or you can use your own. We also offer more double stick tape at a great price if you like.

The fluid ability with which Keith is able to reload in the demo video is pretty impressive. What does the TFB nation think?…


via The Firearm Blog

August 7, 2017 at 01:01PM


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