TACCOM Ramped 9mm Barrel

TACCOM Ramped 9mm Barrel


TACCOM Ramped 9mm Barrel

Taccom Barrel

TACCOM, LLC announced the company introduced another 9mm barrel for your AR style rifle. This new barrel meets the legal requirements for a rifle (16″) while adding an extended ramp and staying lightweight.

Called the TACCOM AR15 ULW 9mm PCC Ramped Barrel, this part’s main feature is the extended feed ramp built into the rear of it. According to the company’s post on Facebook, it is “…designed to make those glock fed lowers work much better!!” However, the company has also stated it will also work with guns fed from Colt magazines.

Taccom Barrel

The barrel is legally 16″. However, it will not have the same characteristics as a typical 16″ barrel. This is because the company took a 5.25″ barrel and welded an aluminum shroud onto it. This is a way to meet the legal requirement for building a non-NFA rifle. While the shooter loses the benefits that a longer barrel can bring – such as increased bullet velocity – it helps keep the front of the gun light. For a competitor transitioning across multiple targets, this may be of benefit.

Taccom Barrel

According to the company, the barrels are designed to work with Quarter Circle 10 lowers and Quarter Circle 10 bolts. Other bolts can be used, but they will have to be modified. The modification requires you to grind 0.040″ from the front of the bolt. The company also “highly recommends” that shooters also use the TACCOM 2 stage adjustable PCC recoil system.

The barrel costs $159.95. If you want a foam handguard to go with it, the total price increases to $189.95.


via The Firearm Blog http://ift.tt/ywCWoj

August 8, 2017 at 10:09AM


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