Saddam’s Rifles: The Tabuk

Saddam’s Rifles: The Tabuk

Saddam’s Rifles: The Tabuk


Essentially Yugoslavian 7.62x39mm M70B1 rifles, the Tabuk series of small arms were produced in Iraq, with the help of Yugoslavian engineers in the late 1970s, just in time for the Iran-Iraq conflict that endured for an agonizing decade afterward. There were different iterations of the Tabuk, the standard rifle with wood stock, an underfolder, an RPK variant, a “Krink” version with a 12-inch barrel, and finally the Tabuk Sniper, but we’ll leave that topic for next week when we can devote an entire episode to it.

The Tabuks seen in this video have all been built by Two Rivers Arms in Oklahoma City. These are Yugo M70B1 parts kits built on U.S. receivers, some of them Childers and others Nodak Spud. The company has gone to great lengths to reproduce what an actual Iraqi Tabuk would have appeared as, knowing that we can’t have complete versions legal for civilian sale in the United States.

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August 30, 2017 at 04:30PM


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