Spolum’s Wyoming Muley

Spolum’s Wyoming Muley


BHOD prostaffer, Troy Spolum, was hunting in Wyoming this past week with Dustin Decroo and

Big Horn Outfitters

when he had the opportunity to punch his deer tag on a giant muley buck.

Here’s the hunt report from Troy…

I shot the 4×6 velvet muley buck on Saturday while hunting with Dustin Decroo. We spotted him from a few hundred yards away. We watched him go down to bed in a cut, so Dustin developed a plan to make a move on him. It was a long stalk, but when I finally got in close I found the buck bedded at the bottom of the cut. I drew back my bow and peaked over the ledge. He turned and looked, so I had to make the shot quick. The shot was 31-yards with a steep angle. I hit him mid-body as he was laying quartered away, and the arrow poked through the opposite side shoulder. He ran 100 yards and died on film.

Troy set the bar high with his lead off hunt for the 17/18 hunting season.

My father got in on the action as well, shooting a nice 3×4 muley buck as well as an antelope buck. With buck tags punched, we moved on to doe patrol, shooting two does each.

A big congrats to Troy and his dad on another great hunt with Dustin Decroo and Big Horn Outfitters. Be watching for this hunt on an upcoming episode of Bowhunt or Die.


via Bowhunting Blog – Bowhunting.com http://ift.tt/2j7Sm7M

September 7, 2017 at 12:59PM


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