Buck Attempts to Outswim Wolf: Who Wins?

Buck Attempts to Outswim Wolf: Who Wins?


Photographer, David Smith, captured a truly remarkable scene last weekend while camping and canoeing with friends on Kinnaird Lake in northern Alberta. Smith and friends were awakened by the sounds of a howling wolf pack early Saturday morning. Later in the morning, while eating breakfast, they heard commotion in the brush near the water’s edge. A moment later they heard the sound of splashing as a deer entered the water.


With freshly stripped velvet hanging from his antlers, this trophy buck attempts to outswim a wolf. (Photo: David Smith/ILEP Photography)

Smith initially thought he was looking at two deer because the first one in the water was an obvious buck. After zooming his camera in, he realized he was witnessing a wolf in pursuit of the large buck.

The wolf swam hard to catch up to the buck, and even appeared to make an effort to bite at the buck, but eventually gave up and returned to shore.

The buck swam on to safety on the other side.


via Bowhunting Blog – Bowhunting.com http://ift.tt/2j7Sm7M

September 15, 2017 at 04:26PM


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