Kwikee Air – 70% Lighter Than Most Quivers On The Market

Kwikee Air – 70% Lighter Than Most Quivers On The Market


Kwikee Kwiver is shedding some quiver weight.

Take Your Best Shot with Kwikee Kwiver

Kwikee Kwiver has been reinventing quivers since 1956 and 2017 is no different. Many manufacturers claim to offer lightweight quivers but none come close to the “uber” lightweight ‘Kwikee Air’. The ‘Air’ contains no plastic or metal parts to increase weight and produce a possible hunt ending noise; our innovative, vibration deadening foam ensures quiet over the highly noticeable clank other quivers produce when bumped against other objects. All ‘Air’ quivers are adjustable to fit your arrow shaft length and come in both straight and curved quiver designs. ‘Kwikee Air’ is available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 arrow models. Our trademarked ‘StarTite’ design will hold any diameter shaft securely in place whether carbon fiber or aluminum. ‘Kwikee Air’ comes with a Lifetime-Warranty against defects and are proudly made in Grawn, Michigan.

How light is the new ‘Kwikee Air’?

Since 2008, Altus Brands, LLC has acquired and developed small to mid-sized companies in the hunting, and shooting sports market. A family and veteran owned company that has acquired or developed over seven brands including Pro Ears Hearing Protection, Benchmaster Shooting Products, Kwikee Kwiver, Woodland Whisper, Harmon Scents, Rifleman, and others. Altus Brands, LLC is located at 6893 Sullivan Road, Grawn, Michigan 49637

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September 15, 2017 at 06:03AM


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