Scorpyd Crossbows Intro ‘DeathStalker’

Scorpyd Crossbows Intro ‘DeathStalker’





Scorpyd Crossbows is proud to introduce the new DeathStalker. This lightweight reverse draw powerhouse is compact and lightweight, thanks to the patented carbon composite frame that combines the riser, limb pockets, barrel and finger guard into one sleek machine. 

 The trigger box, cams and stirrup are crafted from 6061-T6, making the DeathStalker lightweight and super tough. MIL spec anodizing throughout and Titanium fasteners make the DeathStalker a crossbow that is sure to last a lifetime.

 Jim Kempf, Founder of Scorpyd Crossbows, didn’t stop there. He redesigned the trigger so it shoots like a sniper rifle. “Our original trigger was rated as the best trigger in the industry, but I just wasn’t satis?ed. Over five years of development have gone into this new trigger system.  It is awesome and everyone shakes their head when they shoot it!  The trigger is as smooth as glass and less than 2.5 pounds of pull,” Kempf explained.  

 MIM trigger components are coupled to the patented adjustable two position trigger arm, which allows precise control of the trigger travel. Couple that with the new Multi-Patented Kempf-TEC SEER-LOC adjustable trigger, and the result is a crossbow shooting experience like no other. 

 Every Scorpyd DeathStalker is factory tested with a 375-grain arrow to shoot at least 390 FPS. For more information, go to

 For more please go to: Tracy Breen



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September 17, 2017 at 06:14AM


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