3D Printed Shotgun Shells. Do They Work?

3D Printed Shotgun Shells. Do They Work?


3D Printed Shotgun Shells. Do They Work?

The 3D printing of various guns, accessories, and parts is probably one of those topics that we’ll be talking about more and more frequently. With the 3D printers becoming more affordable and the technologies and materials improving, more people will definitely start experimenting with 3D printing. The guy in the video below is one of these experimenters. He has 3D printed shotgun shells (hulls)!


Printing the shells is only half of the job because they must also work properly to be considered a success. And of course, if you have made unusual shotgun ammunition, you need to send it to TAOFLEDERMAUS to test fire it and see if it works.


Yes, it was a complete failure. Although it did fire, but at the cost of a totally destroyed hull and extreme amount of buildup in the bore. However, I think this shouldn’t stop people experimenting. Although shotgun shells are already cheap, mostly made of plastic and it seems to be useless to try to 3D print them, it is still pretty interesting to watch these developments. Maybe if they make first successful 3D printed shotgun shells, they can step up into handgun and rifle ammunition. Who knows, maybe they’ll find out a way which would allow us to print our own ammunition at a fraction of the cost of commercial one.


via The Firearm Blog http://ift.tt/ywCWoj

September 25, 2017 at 10:09AM


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