AF LOADER – World’s First Automated Speedloader for Handgun Magazines

AF LOADER – World’s First Automated Speedloader for Handgun Magazines

AF LOADER – World’s First Automated Speedloader for Handgun Magazines

AF Loader

AFA LLC, a small innovative company that calls Tacoma, Washington home, has produced the world’s first and only automated speedloader for handgun magazines. Similar to the ease of making coffee, you insert your magazine into their AF Loader, let it perculate for awhile, and voila! Your magazine is fully loaded and ready to distribute lead down range.

The AF Loader is capable of accepting both single- and double-stack magazines of 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP caliber. The storage bin or hopper in which you drop in your loose ammo can hold anywhere from a mere 75 rounds (warm-up numbers) to 1,000 rounds (range veteran status – bring a lunch). This portable, automated handgun speedloader weighs in at roughly 6.5 pounds.


With the hands-free capability of the AF Loader you will spend a lot more time shooting than reloading; or in the case of this product, simply grabbing your next fully-loaded magazine and stationing another to be loaded next.

When it comes to successful or desirable speedloaders for consumers for any caliber or type of magazine there are two essential requirements that should be met: more speed and less cumulative down time. Many urban shooters must resort to indoor ranges to practice, compete or shoot for recreation where you are charged lane rentals by the minute. By having a fast and efficient speedloader, more of your dollars are actually being utilized to shoot; not thumb magazines.

A press release from AFA LLC can be read for the AF Loader below.

AF Loader

AF Loader

As can be read above, AFA LLC has multiple intriguing products coming down the pipe, but like many fledgling companies, they need some more cash flow to fund these ventures. You can visit their IndieGoGo page to help fund the project if you like.

The AF Loader is currently set at an MSRP of $189, but as they eluded to in the video that price could come down considerably if they can get more funding and make their manufacturing process more efficient.

The estimated release date of the AF Loader is set for March 2018 and will be available worldwide; although, it is an American-made product and AFA LLC wants to keep it that way.

AF Loader

AFA LLC “AF Loader” – World’s 1st Automated Hangun Magazine Speedloader


via The Firearm Blog

September 26, 2017 at 08:00AM


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