Russia Launches Defense Industry Innovations Website

Russia Launches Defense Industry Innovations Website

Russia Launches Defense Industry Innovations Website

Russian Ministry of Defence has launched a website dedicated to defense industry innovations. It must become a single platform for receiving new ideas and suggestions, analyzing them and introducing to the military.

The official mission of this project is the arrangement and simplification of connection and cooperation between the companies engaged in the development of innovative defense products and technologies and the Russian Armed Forces. It is supposed to boost the development of various military products for the Russian military.

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The submitted ideas and concepts will be compared to existing projects to exclude the similar ones. The new concepts will also pass through technical and economic analysis. If a concept turns out to be really innovative and reasonable in terms of manufacturing and funding, then this web platform will assist the cooperation with the Russian military and the implementation of the project. This website will also work as a vault collecting all the suggestions and making them accessible for the Russian military.

The main reason for launching this platform is probably the new Russian military and economic strategy of replacing imported goods and services (including military products, machinery, and technologies) with those made domestically. The idea behind this website sounds to be beneficial for that strategy. However, as with any ambitious project, it is not enough to sound good. Only time will tell if they’ll manage to make it work. And of course, we’ll keep our readers informed about the further development of this project.


via The Firearm Blog

September 28, 2017 at 06:00AM


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