Magnetospeed M-Series – Finally a Monopod pistol grip

Magnetospeed M-Series – Finally a Monopod pistol grip

Magnetospeed M-Series – Finally a Monopod pistol grip

I have once or twice thought wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a monopod built into the pistol grip of my long range rifle?

Well, apparently great minds think alike and thanks to Magnetospeed this product is now available.

I haven’t tried it, but by the looks of it it should work just fine. In my opinion a soft bag would be better, but I seem to forget almost anything that’s not actually glued to my rifle when I head for the shooting range.



The M-Series MonoPOD module locks into the M-Series Grip and provides the user a quick deploying monopod for when fine elevation control is needed. The M-Series MonoPOD has a spring-loaded, first stage screw that extends to 3 inches below the grip base. This stage can be extended and retracted via the release button within the thumbwheel or by turning the thumbwheel to slowly dial in the correct elevation. Turning the thumbwheel does not turn the screw, reducing the propensity for the footer to walk. The second stage is a coarse adjustment to give the first stage more reach. This stage adds a binary 1.25 inches of length for a total possible extension length of 4.25 inches from the base of the grip.



Here’s a short video that explains it all.


I have not been able to find any details about the price.

As you can see in the link the M-Series grip can how other solutions built into it.


I’m going to give another idea away. The winner will be the company that develops a Monopod that fits into the Magpuls pistol grips.


via The Firearm Blog

October 2, 2017 at 02:00PM


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