Blow-Hard Micro Food Plots

Blow-Hard Micro Food Plots

A few deer hunting seasons ago I got the bright idea to plant some very small, isolated micro food plots close to a hidden hunting stand. I had a Millennium 10-foot 360 swivel seat tripod stand set up in a woods crossroads over three trails. I always saw deer moving in the heavy woods there and I wanted to slow them down when they crossed the trail from timber to timber.

The whole process worked pretty well for the most part, but during the off season I thought through the idea some more to make it easier and quicker to create such a food plot. Before, all I used was a rake, two bags of Throw and Grow food plot seed mix and some fertilizer. The raking in late summer heat just about wore me out.

How could I clear all this trail debris cover left over from last winter and the summer trash carried over the trails by winds and heavy rains draining across the area? All it took was a day in the yard at home to discover the secret. After just a few minutes of running my battery powered, rechargeable Ryobi leaf blower, the light bulb went off.

Next time around, the fully charged blower was on the ATV along with a strong tined rake, a fast growing seed mix for tough ground, and a canister of Triple-13 fertilizer. I used the high speed blower to clean off the food plot spot like sand off plate glass. The ground was blown slick and clean in just a few minutes.

Next, I used the heavy iron rake to break up the soil surface into a finer soil seed bed. Then I tossed the seed over the 10×12 micro plot for a fair coverage. Same with the fertilizer. I got a good coating, but not overdone. There is more guess to this than science for such little plots in hidden spots. Finally, I used the back side of the rake tines to lightly cover the seed and fertilizer.

The final touch was to crank the blower again to give the food plot a light cover of leaf material trying to keep the sticks and bigger trash off the seeded ground. That was it. All I needed was a good pre-season rain or two to make everything green up. It did. I hung cameras nearby and got plenty of photos of deer crossing the trails headed to my little hidden blow hard food plot.

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October 9, 2017 at 09:50PM


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