How Many Magazines Are Enough?

How Many Magazines Are Enough?

For some people this is like asking how many pieces of pizza is enough. It’s different for everyone. Some could probably eat an entire pepperoni thin crust, but others could not stand more than a slice with anchovies. It’s a matter of personal taste at least when it comes to pizza.

For preppers, the question often comes up about how many loaded or backup survival rifle and pistol magazines should they keep in stock at all times? Again, the answer is very different for everyone, because of the situations, circumstances, or individualistic factors that impact their decision-making on this issue. Some would say enough magazines is never really enough.

You have to assess your own situation by asking a few questions to qualify your own set of circumstances. Are you likely to bug in or try to get away from a SHTF event. Of course this depends on the type of SHTF, the severity, and the immediate threat to your safety and long term survival either temporary or sustained.

Will you be alone in defending your residence, or bug out hide or will others be available to assist with guarding, patrolling, or resisting a threat? On a practical level, will you be reloading your own magazines or can others help out should there develop a need for a ready resupply of fresh loaded magazines? These are conditions you have to factor in and prepare for now.

Then, of course, the number of magazines to house per weapon depends on how many of what kinds of weapons you have and intend to deploy. Herein lies a strong case for the standardization of survival weaponry across the board. For example, if all of your defense rifles are of the AR-15 type, all 5.56/.223 thereby using the same exact magazines, then your stock automatically becomes interchangeable among all those rifles. Very efficient indeed.

It’s the same for handguns, if your arsenal is made up of all Glocks or a Beretta model, all in 9mm, then be certain every pistol uses the same magazines. This reduces confusion and complexity of training issues. Everybody on board knows that every rifle and every pistol handles their own proprietary magazines, hence the standardization of task and mission.

If you bug in, then have at least 20, 20-30 round AR magazines for 400-600 rounds loaded. Certainly more if you want or if you have several rifles. Same for pistols. If you bug out, then carry half the load, ideally with an extra cached stock at the bug out site. Of course, there are many other options to consider especially if you add shotguns to the mix. Just be well prepared.

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