Pine Sap as a Fire Starter

Pine Sap as a Fire Starter

Pine trees are wonderful things.  Their seeds feed a wide range of wildlife; the canopy helps prevent underbrush from taking over; last but not least, pine tree sap is used for a wide range of purposes.  One such purpose, is to help get a campfire started.

To get resin from the pine tree, part of the bark has to be removed.  Then, make a small cut into the flesh of the tree.  This works best on young trees that have a thin layer of bark.  When looking for a tree to get sap from, I look for small trees that are close together.  If trees are too close together, they may not grow into strong healthy trees.  So, if one dies, it may help the others.

Generally, making a small notch in the side of a pine tree should not kill it.  Sap serves a purpose in sealing the cut, and preventing disease and insects from getting under the bark.  Think of sap as the blood of the tree.

After a cut is made, a little while later resin will start to drain from where the bark was removed.

Take a small stick, collect the resin, then light the resin with a match.  As the resin burns, it will produce a black smoke, that almost looks like oil burning.

What would this be used for?

  • Wet tinder and you need a little extra help to get the campfire started.
  • Low on matches and every one counts.
  • It just looks cool when you show it to people.
  • Organic fire starter.

One of the reasons why I would use pine sap to start a fire, is because I am a purest.  My personal opinion, fires should be started with a match using only natural fuel.  This excludes all man-made fuel, such fuel sticks and stuff like dryer lint.

The one issue I found with pine sap, I have been unable to light it with a ferro rod.  However, it is probably something I am doing wrong.

So, how many of the readers have used pine sap to start a fire?

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