Gun Grabbers Ignore Current Laws

Gun Grabbers Ignore Current Laws

Have you ever read that was so far out in left field, you wonder how the author arrived at their conclusion?  Such as this example, which calls for stricter gun laws to stop straw purchases.

A straw purchase is when a person buys a firearm for someone who can not legally own a firearm.  If someone is a convicted felon and will not be able to pass the background check, they will ask one of their buddies to buy the gun for them.  Straw purchases are prohibited by state and federal laws.

Rather than calling for laws on straw purchases to be enforced, gun control proponents call for more laws.

For example, there is an article in the Chicago Tribune that made me scratch my head.  The article talks about how a number of guns used in Chicago crimes come from certain gun stores.

The article suggest:

[…] videotaping of gun transactions so that straw purchasers can be identified.

Rather than looking at the ATF Form 4473, and finding a photocopy of the buyers ID, someone wants to put cameras in the store?  “Exactly” what is that supposed to do?  If someone is using a fake id to buy a gun, that is also a crime.

The straw purchaser has to present a photo id to buy the firearm, so the gun store has their identification.

The store called in for a background check, and the sale was completed.

Rather than passing new laws, why not go after the straw purchaser? Find that person, and if they have a history of buying guns that turn up at crime scenes, put that person on trial.  Let a jury decide of they were a straw purchaser, or just some unlucky soul that got tangled up in something.

If the government would enforce laws already on the books, a lot of these gun problems would go away.  Put the straw purchaser in prison, right next to the person who committed a crime with the gun.  Then keep them in prison for as long as the law allows.

Seems reasonable, right?

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