Watch: Ban Muzzleloader Gun Show Loophole

Watch: Ban Muzzleloader Gun Show Loophole

If you read the title, turned your head, and said something like, “Do what?”, you are not alone.

When anti-gun protestors were asked about banning a gun show loophole that allows muzzleloaders to fire ten rounds a minute, they said, “Yes, the firearms should be banned.”

This video shows just how out of touch young people are with the shooting community.  The video also hints at the disconnect college students have with their rights.


Let’s not worry about all of the little details, such as muzzleloaders being pretty much unregulated.  And the fact that fully automatic weapons have been heavily regulated since 1934.

The issue I do not understand, and someone please help me with this, why would a group of people want to restrict their rights? Banning certain types of firearms does not just affect gun owners, it affects everyone. The person who voted for the ban may want to buy a firearm in the future. One such example is how this gun control advocate bought a handgun.

Conditions, opinions, and ideology all change over time.  Just because someone disagrees with something in the here and now, does not mean they will disagree with it in the years to come.

Are college students, who have the right to vote by the way, really this gullible?

Shouldn’t those young people been taught by the school system, and their parents, that we do not give our rights away?

If they are willing to give up their right to keep and bear arms, what else are they willing to give up?  How many would be willing to give up all their rights and live under a communist for of government?  But then, they would not be able to protest.

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October 31, 2017 at 01:55PM


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