New McMillan stock – Adjustable A5 Thumbhole

New McMillan stock – Adjustable A5 Thumbhole

New McMillan stock – Adjustable A5 Thumbhole

In 2016 The Firearm Blog did a Factory Tour at McMillan stocks, check it out if you missed it.

They now have a new stock available, the adjustable A5 with Thumbhole. The stock is also available with an integral adjustable cheek piece.

The new adjustable A5 Thumbhole includes many of the elements of the normal McMillan A5 stock, but comes with an ambidextrous design with a thumbhole grip.

The stock works with most Remington type actions, and looks really nice in the picture McMillan chose to display it with. The stock looks rather long, but this should be adjustable to suit the individual shooter.

Those who don’t own a Remington and would like this stock should wait and see. Normally McMillan offers a wide variety of models for brands like Sako, Tikka, Weatherby, Savage and Winchester and this stock should be no exception if it sells well.

You can find a link to the A5 stock here:

Pricing for the normal A5 is from 338 to 548 USD depending on configuration. I should expect the A5 Thumbhole to be more expensive than that, as it offers more features.

An alternative could be the SENTINEL Combat Stock from KMW Long Range Solutions, check it out here:


via The Firearm Blog

November 1, 2017 at 02:11PM


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