German KSK buys the Wilcox Industries Corp. RAPTAR-S

German KSK buys the Wilcox Industries Corp. RAPTAR-S

German KSK buys the Wilcox Industries Corp. RAPTAR-S

The IEA Mil-Optics GmbH booth is always a delight to visit at the yearly IWA Show in Nurnberg. You can check our previous article for a few examples and see if you agree.

According to Spartanat in Germany they have 115 reasons to celebrate, as the German KSK has ordered that amount of Wilcox RAPTAR-S for their special force snipers. That’s about a million dollars worth of lR-lasers and ballistic solvers.

The German KSK is an elite special forces military unit composed of special operations soldiers handpicked from the ranks of Germany’s Army.

These RAPTAR-S are most likely going to end up on their Haenel G29 sniper rifles, which also have Steiner 5-25 x 56 scopes. This means that their 338 Lapua Magnums are going to be serious to be able to reach out to 1 500 meters.

Wilcox RAPTAR – S

The RAPTAR-S is the next step in precision for extremely long ranges. In addition to the Infra-red (IR) laser, visible laser, IR flood and laser range finder (LRF) the RAPTAR-S features an applied ballistics solver. Compatible with mobile devices, users can input desired load data that directly syncs with RAPTAR-S for ballistic solutions. When paired with BAE thermal sights or UTC SWIR HWH-SMS™ camera, the RAPTAR-S provides a ballistic solution to the disturbed reticle for faster engagements. Whatever the caliber or conditions, the RAPTAR-S can calculate corrections with speed and efficiency, increasing first round hit probability.

The price is around 8 600 USD.

Here’s a video: Applied Ballistics/Wilcox RAPTAR-S Tactical Aiming Laser/Laser Rangefinder/Ballistic Computer


via The Firearm Blog

November 2, 2017 at 10:10AM


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