SureFire Is Releasing 11 New Lights

SureFire Is Releasing 11 New Lights

SureFire Is Releasing 11 New Lights

SureFire is updating some of their lights and releasing some new ones. They have 3 new lights and 8 updated lights. We posted about two of these new lights earlier. The E2T-MV and the EDCL.


The third new light is the Guardian. It is sort of an evolution of the Firepak. The Guardian is a portable battery pack just like the Firepak and can be used to charge your mobile device. The main difference how the light is used. The Firepak is an awkward 90degree angled light that was designed first and foremost to be used in conjunction with a smart phone. SureFire has special phone cases that the Firepak can attach to and the bright light helps you to film or photograph in low light. The Guardian is similiar in that it has two LEDs however that is as close as it gets to the Firepak. The Firepak has twin LEDs that puts out 1,000 lumens. The Guardian has two separate LEDs that have two independant functions. Similar to my Petzl Nao headlamp, the Guardian has an LED for long distance throw and the second LED is for flood aka it produces a wall of light. This gives you the best of both worlds. Lights with a lot of throw do just that. Light up objects far away. However in order to do so you have to constrict the beam. Case in point a laser is the ultimate version of light throw. However the tight hot spot does not do well for lighting up your immediate surroundings. This is where Flood comes in. You can have a very bright 3,000 lumen light but if the light is not contained it just leaks out and lights up everything around you but nothing far away from you.


These next two lights are very interesting. One complaint that comes up often is that SureFire lights do not use 18650 rechargable Li-Ion batteries. Well now they do. Presenting DFT (Dual Fuel Tactical)

They have updated the Fury and the Scoutlight with DFT. Also check out the lumen output. 1,500 lumens. What I find odd is that the 1,500 lumen output requires the use of an 18650. 18650 are just a tall fat version of a CR123. Depending on the battery chemistry, they can allow higher rates of discharge but they typically run 4.2v-3.6v if they are Li-Ion rechargeables. That is less than two CR123 pumping out 6v combined.


While boring out a Fury to use 18650s is rather easy. That is not the case with a Scoutlight. Scoutlights are weapon mounted versions of their Executive series handheld lights. The heads are slightly different. Anyway the bodies are only 0.83 inches in diameter. CR123s are about 0.62 inches in diameter and 18650s are 18mm or 0.70 inches in diameter. 0.1 inches of metal wall thickness is not a lot if you bored out an E-Series body. So if you look at the photo below you will see that the body is much thicker than the tailcap. I am curious how they are able to maintain the same Scoutlight threads for the head and yet allow the 18650 battery to slide in. We will just have to wait and see.


You can see how different in size it in in the photo below posted by Recoil. Look at the part that has the logo engraving and compare that to the thickness of the tailcap, where the knurling is.


Surefire has updated a bunch of other lights as well. Recently Erik posted about the new XC1. Well they are also updating the XH35. Now they offer Strobe, which is something the Streamlight TLR1 have been programmed with for a while and now it will be 1000 lumens. The XH35 will be compatible with the Masterfire Holster. Looking at the photo below, Surefire is using a brand new mode switching setup. They have two shuttle switches on the bottom of the light. One for switching output and the other for turning on strobe.



Their other lights have improved output and some are using the new Max Vision reflector such as the G2X-MV and G2Z-MV



via The Firearm Blog

November 3, 2017 at 03:11AM


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