Taccom Ultra Light Weight complete 9 mm Upper

Taccom Ultra Light Weight complete 9 mm Upper


Taccom Ultra Light Weight complete 9 mm Upper

Taccom LLC has announced a complete 9×19 mm Ultra Low Weight upper. I assume the target is the growing PCC market, which is also starting to slowly grow in Europe.

The package includes the Extreme 9 mm bolt with Taccom’s new side extruded upper receiver, with the option of a ramped or non-ramped-barrel, G10 or Carbon Fiber hand guard.

There’s even a “Foam Hand Guard“, which is placed directly on the barrel shroud for the lowest weight possible. That’s an interesting option I haven’t tried before. Is there a limit where the target transitions aren’t improved by the lower weight any longer?

Prices start from around 480 USD.

The TACCOM ULW 9mm upper is hands down the lightest upper on the market today. Using our competition proven carbon fiber hand guard and state of the art 15 oz 9 mm barrel, you can’t help but shoot fast, move fast and get back on target fast.

Our ULW barrel has an effective barrel length of 5.25” while the pinned and welded shroud brings the barrel out to the legal rifle length of just over 16”. You can now run your pet pistol loads and with those pistol velocities, you will have less recoil. And that recoil impulse will be quicker than any other 16” barrel and be very gentle as the pressure curve will drop off faster.

Specification: Ultra Light Weight Complete 9mm Upper

  • 9mm Ultra Light Weight Upper (2lb 15oz)
  • Complete with TACCOM Extreme 9mm Bolt
  • Slick side Aluminum upper
  • 16” TACCOM ULW 16” barrel
  • Throated chamber to allow for longer OAL ammunition
  • Ramped or non-ramped barrel
  • 11.5” G10 OR 14” Carbon Fiber Hand guard
  • Optional Foam hand guard addition



via The Firearm Blog http://ift.tt/ywCWoj

November 6, 2017 at 09:00AM


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