Brew Great Beer at Home

Brew Great Beer at Home

With so many great craft beers, you would be forgiven for asking, "Why make my own?" The answer’s simple: for the sheer adventure of it. This stuff will help the end product taste pretty decent, too. 

(Courtesy PicoBrew)

PicoBrew Model C Brewer ($549)

Trying to brew your own beer can be daunting, but the PicoBrew Model C brewer takes some of the fear out of the process. Using pre-made packs from craft breweries, it’ll whip up five liters of beer—from crisp IPAs to malt-y stouts—in roughly two hours.

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(Courtesy Shine)

Shine Vessels 32-ounce Squealer Growler ($40)

A home brew to be proud of deserves a growler to show it off. Take Shine Vessels’s 32-ounce Squealer growler. The color options draw attention, and the vacuum-sealed capacity holds plenty for sharing.

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(Courtesy Viski)

Viski Summit Copper Stein ($36)

Who says Moscow Mule drinkers have the monopoly on copper drinkware? The Viski Summit Copper stein has the styling of a bare bones tankard with the brightness of solid copper and a brass handle.

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(Courtesy Uncommon Goods)

Uncommon Goods Home Brew Journal ($28)

Log recipes, ingredients, and what did (or didn’t) work from your home-brewing escapades with the handsome leather Home Brew Journal from Uncommon Goods.

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(Courtesy Corter)

Corter Leather and Cloth Bottlehook Key Chain ($37)

Many key chain bottle openers are flimsy at worst and may take a few tries to open a beer at best. Not the Corter Leather and Cloth Bottlehook. The solid steel body is cast in California and has a satisfying heft to it.

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(Courtesy Northern Brewer)

Northern Brewer Super Agata Bench Capper ($50)

Slide the mechanism on the Northern Brewer Super Agata Bench capper up and down its track to securely seal everything from short stubbies to tall forties.

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via Outside Magazine

November 10, 2017 at 10:15AM


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