HERA Arms new California & Restricted States offering (plus unrestricted)

HERA Arms new California & Restricted States offering (plus unrestricted)


HERA Arms new California & Restricted States offering (plus unrestricted)

We’re looking at California compliant (possibly other restricted States too) HERA Arms with a 7″ HERA hand guard, 7″ CQR HERA front grip and a 16″ barrel with a HERA Training Suppressor.

My understanding is that the 7″ CQR front grip doesn’t count as a forward grip, as you can’t wrap your thumb around it because of the “compliance plate” (what a word). It’s a grip that’s not a grip, technically.

And the training suppressor looks like a suppressor, but it isn’t.


Ok things are heating up again over here, check out the new California and restricted state offering. As promised the CQR front grip with compliancy spacer + our brand new training suppressor…what do you guys think? This is a 16″ barrel as well……..




Below: Hotel Echo Romeo Alfa – (Fake) Training Suppressor. I have an AR15 with 14.5″, but with a pinned compensator for 16″ overall length. I guess this is a similar way to get a 16″ barrel.



The overall package looks good I think, and I think it would look even better with a good mount and a fairly large scope on. A minor thing, but perhaps a flat trigger would look better (always does).

I’m not convinced that this the best solution for an AR15 in terms of ergonomics, far from. However it looks good, and I’m interested in purchasing. There’s no place for a bipod with this solution, unless you use a Fortmeier bipod mounted on the top of the rail.

Who will build a .224 Valkyrie with these parts (at least the rear stock) and start shooting long range?


And finally, the HERA Arms version with the proper configuration for Places, States, Countries and Planets where this is allowed. Notice the larger made-by-HERA magazine.



As a (future) alternative, you can check out KILN, Vitaly Bulgarov and Co.’s project here.

And I wonder if and when Magpul will jump on this design train? Perhaps we’ll see something at SHOT Show, but this is purely speculation from my side.


via The Firearm Blog http://ift.tt/ywCWoj

November 10, 2017 at 07:08AM


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