Microtech Suppressors approved by the ATF

Microtech Suppressors approved by the ATF


Microtech Suppressors approved by the ATF

Microtech Knives are known for their…knives…

This is now about to change, as the BATFE just approved Microtech’s modular design of suppressors the company is now officially in the firearms industry as well.

At the NRA Annual Meeting Microtech Knives showed their prototypes called the R2-K22 and R2-K9 Suppressors.

The Microtech suppressors will come in custom hard cases, including all accessories and mounting tools.

To get more details about the Microtech suppressors has proven difficult. There’s no official statement other than a short message on Twitter, and they have not responded to my request for more information.

According to Recoil Magazine the price will be 675 USD for the R1-K22 and 1250 USD for the R2-K9.


Microtech Suppressors approved by the ATF

The wait is over! We are very excited to announce that our R2 K9 and R2 K22 modular suppressors are officially ATF approved! Big things to come in 2018 and we can’t wait for you guys to hear “THE NEW STANDARD FOR FIREARM SUPPRESSION TECHNOLOGY” Full Auto Rated and User Serviceable

My very first and next Microtech purchase will be a Microtech Stitch Automatic Knife.

With availability sometime in 2018 and a waiting period it means these suppressors won’t be in private hands until perhaps the end of 2018.


via The Firearm Blog http://ift.tt/ywCWoj

November 10, 2017 at 08:15AM


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