STI International Releases a New Line of 2011 Magazines

STI International Releases a New Line of 2011 Magazines

STI International Releases a New Line of 2011 Magazines

STI 2011 Magazine

Magazines are widely regarded as one of the most likely points of failure in a semi-automatic firearm. It is for this reason that using quality magazines is so important for both sport shooters and those carrying a firearm for self defense.

One of the better known names in competition guns is STI International. The company makes a variety of single stack 1911 style and its modular, double stack 2011 pistols. To keep these running smoothly, the company needs to have magazines that are going to deliver completely reliable feeding.

The company recently announced that it was offering a new line of 2011 magazines. These new mags offer a number of features. These magazines have a body, or tube, that is made of 410 stainless steel. In theory, this should make the magazines more durable and give them fairly good corrosion resistance.

Mag bodies are a one piece design and have a new feed lip design. Also,STI International developed a new follower that is used in these 2011 magazines. According to the company, these magazines are being built on high force presses that deliver more precise lines and stampings. Both round count and caliber are stamped on the magazine bodies.

STI International is now selling the new 2011 magazines for $74.99 each on its website. The STI International website can be seen here.


via The Firearm Blog

November 10, 2017 at 04:20PM


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