Enhanced HK Flat Trigger

Enhanced HK Flat Trigger


Enhanced HK Flat Trigger

At just under 38 Dollar this looks like a great upgrade. Unfortunately I don’t own an MP5, but if I did…

It works with HK firearms like the G3, HK91, HK33, 53, 93 and the MP5 and MP5Ks (full list below).

It works with all semi & full auto trigger packs, but not with the burst trigger packs.

Below: Detailed picture of the flat trigger.

Enhanced HK Machined All Steel Flat Trigger – USA

Made in the USA from solid billet machined ordnance grade steel, heat treated, finished in a QPQ Nitride finish. With the utmost attention to detail in the design and manufacture of the HK Parts flat 90 series trigger. Each enhanced flat trigger will fit all 0,1 & SEF & Navy style trigger packs. Each trigger counts as one US made compliant part needed for builds & conversions for US compliance of 922R. Fits all 90 series styles of firearms. Compared to a factory HK trigger this trigger will make the pull and feel much better than a stock factory trigger. A huge improvement over a stock HK trigger.

Qualities & features of each enhanced trigger:

  • Works for both semi & full auto trigger packs (not burst packs)
  • Ordnance grade steel billet fully machined
  • Full heat treated & QPQ finished in nitride
  • Enhanced dimensions for the very best pull possible
  • Provides unparalleled ergonomics
  • Adds 1 X 922R USA made compliant part

A drop in replacement of all SEF, 0,1 & Navy Triggers

  • HK91, G3, PTR
  • HK93, 33, 53
  • HK MP5, MP5K
  • Zenith, Omega, POF, etc
  • Clones or other custom builds


Here you can see the serrated positioning grooves with comfort induced tapered edges.

You can find the link to the new flat trigger here.


via The Firearm Blog http://ift.tt/ywCWoj

November 13, 2017 at 06:00AM


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