Full Conceal M3 FOLDING Glock 19 Pistols Now Shipping

Full Conceal M3 FOLDING Glock 19 Pistols Now Shipping


Full Conceal M3 FOLDING Glock 19 Pistols Now Shipping

Full Conceal is now shipping their Glock 19 folding pistol conversion called M3. The folding mechanism allows having a more compact carry package which in a matter of seconds unfolds and becomes a Glock 19 with a 21-round magazine. The reason why they advertise it with the 22-round capacity (21 round mag plus one in the chamber) is that the 21-round magazine most efficiently fits the slide length neither sticking out nor coming short of the overall length of the folded gun. The M3 pistol is available for purchase on Full Conceal’s website for $1,399 (the price includes one Magpul 21-round magazine).

Another important feature of the M3 pistol is the additional safety built into the folding mechanism. When folded, that mechanism blocks the trigger bar preventing any possibility of an accidental discharge when manipulating the folding mechanism. This system allows carrying the pistol with a chambered round being sure that it is safe.

The company also points out that even if the folded gun prints, it will rather look like a cell phone than a firearm. The folded M3 pistol silhouette basically matches the iPhone 7 Plus dimensions.

Although it looks to be tricky to deploy this handgun, it is probably a matter of practice and getting used to it. Here is a video showing a fast and easy method of unfolding and unholstering the Full Conceal M3 handgun.

You can also buy the frame only, at a price of $999 which also comes with one Magpul 21-round magazine.


via The Firearm Blog http://ift.tt/ywCWoj

November 17, 2017 at 07:08AM


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